Follow Your Heart

Our preview last night went so great. The show was in terrific shape, the cast gave 150%, and we got a bigger than usual house for our first Thursday night. They loved it, we had a blast, and the night rocked. Fully.

Tonight was the official opening, and it went even better than last night. Any jitters that may have been present last night were gone tonight -- the cast was confident, energized, and On Fucking Fire! Again, the audience was wonderful, we all had a blast, and then...

And then...

(I knew what was coming next -- Aaron did too -- but none of the rest of the New Liners...)

Nick ("Senator Fipp," a longtime New Liner) stopped the curtain call and began to say a few words to the audience. I could see from the back of the house that all the other actors were thinking, "What the fuck is he doing? Scott is gonna KILL HIM!" Nick talked about how long he's been doing theatre, the friends he's made here, and the "wonderful woman" he met while doing A Midsummer Night's Dream almost two years ago. That woman was Amy ("Little Sally"), and then Nick got down on one knee and proposed. It was awesome.

Nick had arranged to have both his and Amy's family all at the show. And there in the ArtLoft Theatre, amongst the New Liners, where Nick has found a home, there in the theatre where he has had so many triumphs, there on opening night of our last show at the ArtLoft (we're moving this fall), in this company he now shares with Amy (this is her first show with us), Nick asked the question of a lifetime.

The audience was crying, cheering, snapping digital pics (of course). It was a hell of a way to start the run...

How on earth do we top that?

Long Live the Musical!
And love?
Yes, Little Sally, and love!