Flying Proudly with Pride

Audiences have been amazing and the reviews have all been unqualified raves! Calvin Wilson's Post-Dispatch review called our show "an exhilarating, don't miss experience" and "the funniest, most tuneful show in town." He wrote, "Urinetown plays like a tale of class warfare as performed by the Marx Brothers, and Miller doesn't let politics get in the way of the laughs. The cast is first-rate, and Robin Michelle Berger's choreography is gloriously in step with the story."

Kirsten Wylder's review for KDHX-FM said, "If you ever take a reviewer's advice, let this be it: GO SEE THIS PLAY . . . I have enjoyed quite a bit of theatre over the years and this is in the top 10."

Amy Burger's review for PlaybackSTL said "New Line Theatre's production of this biting satire of politics, capitalism, corporate greed, environmental crises and, most importantly, of musical theater itself, is first-rate, particularly the extremely talented cast. "

The response couldn't be more enthusiastic from pretty much everyone. We've only played three shows so far and already we've had repeat customers! Our pre-sale before opening was the second highest in New Line history (losing out only to our last show Grease), and sales continue to go crazy. It looks like we'll sell out most of the run.

It's just more proof (if we needed any) that you don't have to dumb down theatre, that you don't have to soften darkness, that audiences don't only like what they already know, that in truth audiences want an adventure! They want to be thrilled and surprised! I've quoted it before and I'll quote it again -- stage and screen actor Laurence Luckinbill wrote to me on my 21st birthday (back during the paleolithic era), "Always over-estimate the public's intelligence. They will thank you for it." I've never been more sure that he's right.

Long Live the Musical!