A Real Insaniac

Just a quick note today... so much administrative stuff to do before tonight...

Tonight is our first audience, then our official opening tomorrow night. I couldn't be happier with our show. I really believe we've gotten this very difficult style exactly right, the cast seems to be having an absolute blast, and the whole thing is incredibly funny and wild and aggressive and overwhelming, just the kind of show New Line has become known for.

I also think we've stayed incredibly true to the creators' intentions, which is so important to me with shows like this one, shows that really have their very own style, tone, character, etc.

So a big ol' group Bravo to the cast of New Line's Urinetown -- the "Urinators," as I like to call them -- you all have done an amazing job with this weird, wonderful show. I think a few in the audience may find it sorta obnoxious, but I think most folks are going to have a really great time. I think this is going to be one of those shows that's so wild it'll be like a big, crazy party every night. More so than with most shows, I just can't wait to get this in front of an audience.

I think we're ready. And a little crazy.

Long Live the Musical!