All a Record Store Should Be

More great reviews coming in -- this is one of the best reviewed shows we've had in a long time. Usually our shows are just weird enough that some of the critics really can't deal with them, even though audiences are usually very enthusiastic. I think too many of our local critics are still mired in a "classic" musical theatre mindset, wanting every show to be either Mame or South Pacific.

And we don't do that.

But this time, despite the weirdness of the show, everybody -- and I mean everybody -- is falling in love with our production. The latest are a rave review from and a short review from The Riverfront Times that loved our show but had problems with the original novel being "sexist." Why that criticism is in a theatre review, I don't totally understand -- and also, isn't that sort of the POINT of the story, that Rob is immature and selfish, and since he's the only source of information in the story, doesn't that automatically make the storytelling sexist... on purpose...?

Still, both very nice reviews of our work. So if you haven't come seen us yet, what in hell are you waiting for?

Long Live the Musical!