'Twas a Year Full of New Line, 2019

'Twas a year full of New Line, a wild cavalcade,
A trio of shows, like a misfit parade,
Exploring the Others, the Different, the Weird;
Yes, all of the folks that the mainstream has feared.
And watching those Misfits and Others succeed
Against primal forces of hate and misdeed,
Spun lessons those people in power should heed.

La Cage is a classic, subversive, old thing
That we shrunk to human proportions last spring.
It isn't a comedy, deep in its heart;
It's a drama of family and love and of art.
It teaches us what really matters and why,
(But under the surface, subversive and sly);
And we fall in love with a wife who's a guy.

In June, it was sci-fi, the fierce Be More Chill,
On Broadway, but running on New Line's stage still.
A cast full of young future stars trod our stage
And filled it was passion and humor and rage.
This wild teenage fable of Faustian shit,
Of Mountain Dew Red, and a pants hypocrite,
Became a gigantic, big-time, New Line hit!

Then New Line returned to a show smart and crazy,
The brilliant, subversive, hard-rockin' Cry-Baby.
A fable of teens being free, cool, and young,
With great rockabilly, some tits, lots of tongue;
A fable of justice all tangled with class,
And sprinkled with John Waters' Baltimore sass.
The Drapes know the truth -- we should all watch our ass!

So what's coming next? I'm so psyched I could burst!
A reading of Bloody King Oedipus! first,
Then Head Over Heels, the new Go-Go's sex satire.
And Urinetown, Brecht-ish artistic high-wire.
The year's been outstanding, but lest it's forgotten,
We have a surprise for next season we're plottin' --
We've snatched up production rights for Something... you've probably heard of...

Happy Holidays! Long Live the Musical!

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