'Twas a Year Full of New Line 2014

‘Twas a year full of New Line, and all season through,
The New Liners kept doing just what they do;
Just murder, some sex, lots of F-words got cursed,
Conjuring us at our best and our worst;
Bohemians, Texans, and crooks – all the same,
Just looking for meaning, a truck, or some fame,
Or justice, if that’s not an order too tall,
Or maybe just human connection is all…
So that's what we gave you, from springtime through fall.

Bohemian Nineties New York was the time,
And Jonathan Larson's great spirit, the rhyme
That paved the path forward for us and our Rent,
To bring his show back to what Larson first meant.
With a fearlessly passionate, joyful young cast,
Our show was so powerful, sold out so fast;
A transcendent experience we got to share,
And with each note we sang, we knew Larson was there.
He's the reason our musical art's grown a pair.

The New Liners never dreamed they'd ever get
A full-size red truck dominating their set
(And Rob prob'ly thought the exact same thing too),
But Hands on a Hardbody made it come true.
As the first nationwide (post its NYC run,
Where they closed it before it had barely begun),
We reclaimed its honor amid rave reviews,
To prove, once more, Broadway's where art goes to lose.
But Broadway can't tell us what shows we can choose.

The romantic and amoral Bonnie & Clyde
(A show that had opened on Broadway, then died),
Re-opened at New Line to killer acclaim,
This cautionary fable of fortune and fame.
We showed those New Yorkers how strong the show was,
And helped it rebirth itself (as New Line does).
This show just needs love (much like actors and flowers),
To prove that its noir-ish adventure has powers
To tell us as much about that time as ours.

'Twas another amazing adventure we took,
Inside a marathon, junkie, a crook,
And once again digging the deepest we can,
Deep into the micro and macro of Man,
Making such sense of our world as we dare,
Exploring down deep, and then partying there.
So from every designer, musician, and singer,
We thank you for sharing this annum humdinger!
Have a Happy New Year and we'll see you at Springer...

Long Live the Musical and New Line Theatre!

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