You Like What You're Seeing

Zachary Allen Farmer and Philip Leveling in Love Kills
Ticket sales are still somewhat slow, but we expected that -- it's a difficult and unknown show. But Jesus, the reviewers sure like us! That's usually enough to boost sales; we'll see...

We got two more reviews, both real raves, this time from Paul Friswold at The Riverfront Times, and from Andrea Braun at KDHX-FM.

Friswold writes in his RFT review, “Love Kills is a gripping and fascinating evening in the hands of director Scott Miller and New Line Theatre. . . Love Kills is not a comforting evening, not by a long shot. Identify too much with one couple or the other and you're bound to feel bad about yourself. But Jarrow keeps feeding you moments in which you want the four of them to achieve everything they desire, even when the characters are at cross-purposes. The end result is much like navigating love – how do you give yourself to someone else and hold on to yourself at the same time? Life is long; if you're lucky, long enough to figure it out.”

Andrea Braun writes in her KDHX review, “Watching their story unfold through a raw punk-flavored rock score and fine acting on the parts of all four cast members is sublime. The bad boy of musical theatre is gloriously back! . . . Composer Kyle Jarrow defines Love Kills as an ‘emo rock musical,’ and in the sense that it is highly charged and personal, that’s fair. Scott Miller directs with passionate intensity, and it’s among the finest work I’ve seen from this company, which is saying a lot. This isn’t the world’s best musical, but I defy anyone to leave it without much to ponder and plenty to talk about. I hope audiences will give it the attention it deserves.”

Gerry Kowarsky, of the local cable show, Two on the Aisle, on KDHX-TV, said, “The show bowled me over. It has a very well-crafted story and a powerful score.”

Wow! Once again, I think I may have underestimated our audiences and our reviewers. I really didn't know if folks would accept this tough, ugly little show, but they seem to fucking love it! So once again, we've proved that people don't only like what they know; they like what's good, even if it's challenging. Taking risks pays off.

I'm so proud of this show and of the New Liners!

Long Live the Musical!