Just Sensational!

Last night, we had our biggest house yet -- 192 people in a 210-seat house! And on a Thursday night! That means this weekend is going to be awesome! Pre-sale is already over 100 for both tonight and tomorrow night, and our walk-up sales have been as big or bigger than our pre-sale this season, so I'm betting on a couple sold-out houses! Woohoo!

Although... when we sell shows out, that's when people can get really mean... you know, the ones who show up at two minutes to curtain and proceed to be morally outraged that we're sold out and didn't hold back tickets just in case they showed up... :)

Also last night, one of our audience spellers was a teacher celebrating her birthday. Her parents had contacted me earlier in the week to see how to get her into the Bee. Quite by accident, she was the last audience speller left, so she got serenaded by John Rhine (Mitch) with the Act I finale, "Prayer for the Comfort Counselor." She thanked me after the show -- I think she really had a blast!

So far, we've gotten standing ovations after all but one performance. And unlike the Fox, audiences who come to the smaller theatre companies' shows are generally more hard-core theatre-goers and they don't give out standing ovations for just anything. This is quite a compliment to our amazing cast and band.

The unbridled joy that is Spelling Bee just keeps rolling along...

Long Live the Musical!