I See Hope and Possibility

We are soooo ready for an audience! Great final dress rehearsal last night -- everyone is in tune with each other, all clicking on all cylinders. The pacing is excellent, and we achieved what I wanted, a show that is laugh-out-loud funny all night long AND deeply emotional and involving. What a glorious, beautiful piece of work this is, and how lucky we are to get to work on it!

Pre-sale is excellent. Our usual benchmark is that if the pre-sale gets to 200 (for the whole run) before we open, it's a good bet the run will sell really well. And as of today, the pre-sale is at 221. We've also got a bigger than usual pre-sale for our preview tonight. That's so great for the actors -- it's tough to do comedy in front of a small house because the fewer people there are, the more timid they seem to be, so the laughs are quieter and more reserved. We've got a big enough house already for tonight, that I think everyone will have a blast. And I assume we'll also get some nice walk-up...

Last night as I watched the show, I couldn't help but think about how many people come together in common purpose to put on a show like this. Nobody's getting paid very well, but everyone is so fully engaged. And everyone has done such outstanding work, from the musicians to our designers to our cast to Trish and Ann and Vicki -- I am very very lucky to work with the people I get to work with...

And a special shout-out to the New Liners who came in this week to be our practice Audience Spellers! In case you're worried, no one will get brought up on stage unless they sign up at the box office to be in the Bee.

Tonight, at long last, we get to share this beautiful, beautiful show with an audience. I can't wait!

Long Live the Musical!