Get the Motors Running

We have moved into the theatre! Wahoo!

Well, we've blocked all of Forbidden Planet, the cast is largely off script, many of the costumes are done, and our set is mostly up. Holy crap! Load-in was Saturday afternoon, and thanks to our most excellent set designers, Jeff Breckel and David Carr, much of it was pre-built and just had to be assembled and tacked down. The actors who were there Saturday got their first glimpse of Betsy's spaceship uniforms, which are awesome!

We'll take some PR photos tonight, then run the whole show for the first time. We've run both acts individually and they're both in pretty good shape. But it will be so much fun to run the whole thing all together, so the actors really get a sense of the pacing and flow of the show. My hardest work as director (the actual staging) is done -- although the hardest part of my producing job is yet to come...

Now we get to my favorite part. We'll run the whole show every rehearsal and I get to see what we've wrought and to fine-tune it all. I probably won't give them too many notes this week, as they acclimate themselves to the actual set (rather than just folding chairs outlining the playing area in our rehearsal space). Then next week, after they've gotten fairly comfortable, I'll start fine-tuning and finding solutions for all the little problems and obstacles that will present themselves from now till (or even through) opening night.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I know I get to see our show in full blossom soon, but not quite yet...

Long Live the Musical!