How Dare They Try to End This Beauty

So I'm sitting at my computer working, listening to this stoner Mixwit tape Todd Micali has put on his blog, and I've just listened to "Puff the Magic Dragon" four times in a row. I always knew the song was about pot (well, maybe not when I first got the sheet music at age 6), but hearing it now in the context of working on Hair, I hear deeper things in it, about the danger of losing the beauty and ideals and innocence of the 60s and the drug culture -- sort of along the lines of the Hair songs "How Dare They Try to End This Beauty" and "Let the Sun Shine In"... Go listen to it and see what I mean...

Wow. That's heavy, dude!

You gotta check out Todd's mix tape -- it's fucking amazing!

And also notice the photo on his blog of the guy putting flowers in the gun barrels of the National Guard. This famous shot is from the October 1967 March on the Pentagon, when 35,000 people circled the Pentagon, held hands, and tried to levitate the building! Where did those 35,000 people go, I wonder...?

On with the Groovy Revolution!