Sometimes All You Need...

Nick Hornby, author of the High Fidelity novel, briefly kept a blog on, which I just happened upon this evening. Nothing all that interesting, except...

He did list "This Month's Playlist" on Oct. 17, 2007, so I thought I'd re-post it here:

God, Please Let Me Go Back - Josh Rouse
To The Dogs or Whoever - Josh Ritter
Girls In Their Summer Clothes - Bruce Springsteen
Monkey Man - Toots and the Maytals
Aftermarket Blues - Adam and Dave’s Bloodline
Chelsea Rodgers - Prince
It’s Only Money, Tyrone - Marah
Mansion On The Hill - The National
Versatile Heart - Linda Thompson
Slippin’ Around - Detroit Cobras
Melting Pot - The Roots

The more I work on this show, the more I understand the deep connections between pop music and its fans, and the way a person's music reveals them to the world. I've asked everyone working on the show to pick their favorite pop song, which I've put at the end of their program bios. Looking at the songs really does seem to tell you a lot about the person.

Think about it -- what are your favorite pop songs and what do they say about you? Hmmmmm...?

Long Live the Musical!