She Goes, Part Deux

So after multiple dramas trying to fill the role of Liz with two different women, both of whom ended up being complete flakes (see my previous blog entry), I ended last week with no one in the role.

Then on Saturday morning, Robin our choreographer calls me. Seems they just got a call at Robin's studio from the first (and third) Liz, saying that she had decided to come back to the show after all and needed directions to the studio for Sunday's choreography rehearsal. Robin's mom (and the studio receptionist) tells this woman that she had heard she had quit the show. The woman says, well, yes, she had but she changed her mind -- although she hadn't told Scott yet. So Robin called me and said, "You know, she thinks she's doing the show again..."

It's kind of like a theatre equivalent of the zombies in the George Romero films... The only way to kill them is to shoot them in the head.

So an hour or so later, I get an email from this woman saying she's thought it over and she's going to un-quit. Again. Third time, if you're keeping count.

So I politely but firmly email her back telling her it would be best for us to part company and that, in all honesty, if she did do the show, we'd all spend the next two months wondering when she might drop out again...

Meanwhile, I talked to Charles Glenn, a professional local singer, a guy who had played King Herod (brilliantly) for us in Superstar, and a really good friend. I knew his wife Nicki also did singing gigs, though I had never heard her. I asked him if Nicki might be interested in stepping into this role. She was. So she came over Sunday afternoon, tried the song for me, kicked ass on it even though she only heard the recording a couple times, and so I invited her to join us.

So we have a Liz again! Liz 3.0, you might call her. But I know Nicki. She's a real adult. She won't be dropping out. Don't look at me like that -- she won't, I swear!

Long Live the Musical!