I Wouldn't Change a Thing

Just a short note tonight. I just got home from our first blocking rehearsal and I already love this cast. We worked on the first three scenes tonight.

The first scene, which is essentially just the opening number (though there is a fair amount of dialogue inside the song), is so much fun and Thank God, all my ideas work, including the dancing record racks. I'm realizing now that watching Stop Making Sense (the brilliant Talking Heads concert film, which is really more performance art than concert) has totally informed my take on this show. I think our production is going to be a weird and wonderful hybrid of smart concept musical and kick-ass, alone-in-your-bedroom rock concert. I gave the cast some cool Talking Heads moves in the opening and they totally embraced them. I have them jogging, jerking themselves around, jumping, doing air guitar, and it's all wonderfully quirky and endearingly goofy. My favorite attributes. Which is why Lawson and I have become such good friends.

Yes, that was an affectionate semi-slam of Lawson. He can take it.

The second scene is where Laura leaves Rob and moves out of the apartment. And jeez, it already breaks your heart. There are some pauses that feel so heavy and so loaded with unspoken things. Even though we just staged it tonight, it's already working. Thanks to Jeff and Kimi. You both rock. Fully.

That's a Bat Boy reference.

The second and third scenes both have great show-stopper numbers with The Ex-Girlfriends, who are kicking some serious ass doing Robin's seriously cool choreography.

The third scene also contains the adorably clumsy meeting of Dick and Anna, which Lawson and Katie are totally nailing; a hilarious characterization from Todd as TMPMITW (The Most Pathetic Man in the World); and also Nikki's kick-ass rendition of "She Goes." Damn, girl!

So to sum up, a lot of ass is being kicked. All over the damn place.

We are off and fucking running, my friends! I've been waiting so long for this! Thank you for this show, Tom, Amanda, and David.

Long Live the Musical!