Pick Your Apple, Take a Bite

The first weekend is over. And what a great weekend it was! We had a nice preview Thursday, a little rough here and there, but pretty great. Then Friday night we opened to a nice sized house (81) who were very responsive -- they seemed to really love it.

And we got a rave review in the Post-Dispatch from Judy Newmark. She said our show "is essential theater for people who disdain musicals because they think they're too pretty, too silly, or just dumb. This ugly, serious, very smart production adds up to one of the most challenging theater pieces to play here in ages." Not bad, huh?

Then Saturday night we came close to selling out -- just 14 seats short. The audience was pumped and they pumped up the actors. It was the best performance yet, fierce and funny and sad and touching and overwhelming. Just the way I like it...

What a joy that we get to share this wonderful piece of art with hundreds of St. Louisans over the next four weeks. And how lucky am I that I get to create this piece of art with such an amazingly talented, inventive, serious group of theatre artists. I wouldn't trade my job for anything.

That's all for now. I need to go smoke me some serious doobage -- it's been an exhausting week!

Long Live the Musical!