This is a long intermission...

Yes, I'm still between shows and it's driving me crazy. We closed the infamous Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll on October 20 and we're still not starting Assassins rehearsals for another two and a half weeks! My head may explode. I'm caught up on paperwork, I've got next season pretty much set, I've updated and partially redesigned our website, and I've even started working on a song list for our next concert at the Sheldon in January 2009. Quick, someone get me into rehearsal before I end up writing a sequel to Johnny Appleweed!

(One of the things I've done in my boredom was create a secret link on our website -- go to our homepage, scroll down to the picture of the 2001 Hair tribe, and click on it...)

Well, at least with all this down time, I'll be ridiculously prepared when rehearsals start. Famous last words.

I keep running into people who gush, "I can't wait to see Assassins!" I hope that translates into ticket sales. This will be our third run at this show, but it sold great both other times, so I assume it will this time too. And it's been ten years since we did it last, so a fair amount of the regular New Line audience wasn't with us yet back then and haven't seen the show...

We have some terrific, artsy, new designers -- Steve Moore designing lights and David Carr designing sets (with his co-conspirator Jeff Breckel), which I'm very psyched about!

And what a kick-ass cast we've assembled! It's mostly another New Line All-Stars (like Bat Boy was), but we've also got two new faces, Bob Mitchell (artistic director of The NonProphet Theatre Company) and Andrew Keller. Here's the cast:
Aaron Allen (Oswald), Aaron Benedict (Guiteau), Christopher "Zany" Clark (Czolgosz), Brian Claussen (Byck), Cindy Duggan (Moore), Matthew Korinko (Booth), Amy Leone (Fromme), Scott Tripp (Zangara), Jeffrey Wright (Hinckley), Robert Mitchell (Balladeer), Zachary Allen Farmer, Alison Helmer, Andrew Keller, Terry Love, and Kimi Short. The show will be directed by Scott Miller and Khnemu Menu-Ra, with costumes by Russell Bettlach, sets by David Carr and Jeff Breckel, and lighting by Steve Moore.

But until we start on January 14, I'm BORED! So send me an email. Or a male escort. Or some banana bread.

Long Live the Musical!