There Isn't Much Choice But to Kneel and Pray

Some of this music is hard!

I guess I say that about a lot of our shows, since a lot of the shows we do are hard! Once again, I've been crazily ambitious in putting together this collection of songs. But we have a genuinely kick-ass-and-take-names kinda cast and they're handling it with their usual aplomb. (I just love that word, don't you?)

This week we tackled the prologue from Baby -- how are the singers supposed to find the beat?? We tackled two songs from Songs for a New World ("Flying Home" and "The River Won't Flow"), which aren't monstrous but they're no walk in the musical theatre park either. (Hey! Maybe someone should use "The River Won't Flow" for one of those enlarged prostate commercials...!) Luckily, two of the cast of our 1998 production of New World are in this show, so they had a head start on it. And "La Vie Boheme" is harder than it sounds...

And I'm making the poor men sing reeeeally high falsetto for the back-up in "Over at the Frankenstein Place" and "The Morphine Tango." But that's not as hard as it sounds, since several of them don't have a lot of testosterone to begin with...

Jesus, is this going to be a cool evening of amazing songs! I can't wait to get it on its feet so we can start dealing with character and relationships... That's what will raise this above a mere concert, the depth and intensity and relevance I hope we find in this great, rich material.

If we do this thing right, if we "make it our bitch" as young Lawson likes to put it, then I think our show will be a real adventure for the audience, a real roller coaster ride.

Here we goooooo...!

Long Live the Musical!