Those Magic Changes

Thinking about the alchemy of theatre, the way we all come together on each show, all bringing different gifts, everyone meeting in the middle and agreeing on the road to take and what to pack...

And I'm thinking about this amazing process (it's like watching a child) of a show learning to talk, learning to walk, finding its footing, finding its confidence, and growing to maturity, and then on closing night, passing on into the ether. It struck me tonight at rehearsal how wonderful and interesting and complex the process of making theatre is. I could see so clearly that we are standing in the exact center of our journey, so much accomplishment behind, so much potential ahead. I see what we've already conquered -- the themes, the tone, the pacing, the basic outlines of character, the darkness and, lest we forget, the Fun. I see what we're in the midst of conquering -- the score, memorizing the script, the more subtle nuances of character and relationship.

And I see what we will conquer -- those hundreds of little truthful details that make a show live, the inner life of the show itself, that spark that makes a great show a living organism, that connects the cast in a way non-performers can never imagine. And though I used to sweat and fret a lot, somehow I know with this show (and the last several) that we're really on the right road, our destination is straight ahead, and all we have to do is keep pedaling like hell.

It's a weird thing we do, making theatre. But I believe it matters. I believe theatre is one of very few places left in the world where we agree to meet, and think and talk about the things that matter most to us -- sex, love, power, freedom, art. I believe the theatre is sacred as any church because I believe art is how you touch God.

Yes, even when you're producing Grease. This is a show that celebrates the deepest, most fundamental aspects of humanity -- sex, love, and art (i.e. rock and roll). And I know that God loves rock and roll!

It's really fun to travel this road, especially with so many cool people on my journey with me, and such a joy because I know at the end of the road there are twelve amazing parties with hundreds of our closest friends. Fuckin' A!

I'll stop now. I hope you'll forgive my overabundance of metaphor, but I'm high as a fucking kite.

Long Live the Musical!